Whether it is a website, mobile application, internal and external network, software or any platform for any type of business local and multinational, our tech specialist have proven to render the best within your schedule and budget. We design, develop, and manage websites, mobile apps and platforms which simplify the use and maximize your return from your digital assets.


Website Design and Development

We understand that your website needs to be rich in contents and highly responsive. You also should be able to monitor how many have visited your website, when and where from. When a potential client opens your website should be convinced to give you a call…! That is the kind of website we design and develop.

Mobile Application and Products/Platform Design and Development

The number of mobile users has been increasing exponential. For developing countries like Tanzania there is infinite potential on mobile and platform design and development. We build mobile applications and platforms that drive growth for any type of business by providing instant answers from analytics apps, lengthening client’s relationship with engaging, contextual content and several other developments. Our developers have always turned ideas into reality by creating a customized state of art mobile app and platform for sharper competitive edge.


Domain Hosting, Trainings, and Maintenance

When you have chosen us to host your domain first of all we will consider your domain as ours, therefore, we will make sure your online 24/7 and offer you trainings of maintaining your website. Your website needs to be dynamic; whenever people visit they should see current initiatives, pictures and features. We will offer you trainings of maintaining your website the way you maintain your social media pages. We suggest every quarter your website should change accordingly to reflect your current endeavors.

Value Added Service (VAS) and Aggregation

Here is so much that can be in telecommunication industry, however, we have explored only a few. It is like those who owns smartphones and uses them for texting and calling only while there are several other things that they could benefit from their phones.  Let us meet and we will show you how you could use telecommunication to further your business.


Smart Codes HQ | House No. 25, Mikocheni A, Senga Road. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


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