Post COVID-19 Response and Business Continuity Plan for our Clients and Partners

Sep 08, 20. news

Dear Clients and Partners,

For the past five months, Smart Codes joined hands with all Tanzanians in the effort of curbing the novel COVID-19 by refraining from normal day to day office activities and immediately adopting into working from home.

We are proud to have managed all our client’s work while at the convenience of our homes as a way to keep safe and minimize the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

As a digital advertising agency and an innovative technology company, we continue to make use of our experience and platform to communicate with the public and our clients’ on the importance to maintain the safest environments from the spread of Corona Virus.

In doing so, we; 

  1. Continue exposing and educating our staff on measures taken to prevent the spread, and what measures to take in the event of Covid-19 symptoms.
  2. Encourage and embrace virtual meetings within the organization and between the organization and clients unless absolutely necessary as an effort to minimize physical contact.
  3. Introduced our staff to a modern, convenient, and efficient way to deliver services and products to clients by Working From Anywhere Anytime (WFAA). Through WFAA, Smarkers experience the freedom to work from anywhere in the country/world at any time while keeping safe and maintaining a maximal corporate attendance to the client’s needs. 

Please find attached our detailed Revised Business Continuity Plan (BCP) introducing Working From Anywhere Anytime (WFAA)

Smart Codes hereby acknowledges the support and trust invested in us by our partners during these times that most businesses have been affected by Covid-19. We continue to explore different ways that we can develop solutions and deliver premium quality services to our clients.

Since we are addressing a global issue, we would appreciate it if you could share with us your organizational experience and way forward in the light of the pandemic.

Please also download the attached detailed Post COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan & WFAA.

Smart Codes - Post Covid-19 BCP: Download link


Thank you for your continued support.

Edwin Bruno - SMART CODES, C.E.O


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