The Power of Self Disruption

May 15, 19. Tech SHARE |

Sometimes you have to look inside of yourself to win. Sometimes you need to ask questions that are difficult in order to get the right answers for you. We decided to turn things on their head and do things differently in 2019. We became driven and powered by the need to disrupt ourselves in order to leave a mark on our clients, stakeholders and Africa at large. When it comes to disruption, we are driven by the 3 pillars of inspiration that made us think differently:

  • Being unique – Doing things the same way that everyone else does can be tempting because it gets you similar results. We decided to rip up the rule book and create unique strategies from scratch that make clients stand out and that create products that truly touch people’s lives.
  • Making a mark – Each person in the world has the chance to make a mark on their life and the lives of others. We want to use this same approach when it comes to technology, innovation and advertising. We want to make a mark on everything that we do so that we can inspire African businesses to reach for the stars.
  • Focusing on innovation – We know that innovation is a word that is used and thrown around a lot in the technology and advertising world. However, we mean it. Innovation drips from every pore of who we are. We are committed to innovation by creating our own suite of products as well as coming up with unique product ideas for the clients that we work with. Innovation comes in many forms and we want to make sure that we are constantly at the cutting edge of how it works within an African context.

Through self-disruption, we are entering a new era for Smart Codes and we cannot wait to show you everything that we are up to and what the future holds.

We are ready to make our mark – are you ready to make yours?

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