Smart codes Spear heading Tech in Africa: Featured in Inspire Africa Report March 2019

Mar 08, 19. news

The good news today is that Smart codes featured in Inspire Africa news as Tanzania’s leading digital agency and was named among companies spear heading Tech in Africa.

 “Inspire Africa” highlights the face of a rising Africa, featuring men and women organizations and companies who establish, innovate and drive the growth of the continent. Twice a month, Inspire Africa delivers the uplifting stories of those major players who establish the continent’s development, each in their area of expertise.



Africa is full of innovation, whether it is a startup, or a multi-national company, Africa is bursting with potential when it comes to innovation in the fields of Technology, Apps, Digital Solutions, Creative AD’s, Education, production and the ICT sector and with the above mentioned, Smart codes has been a part of that force, coming up with ideas and great solutions to trigger change that disrupts the ECO system and simplify service markets.

Since our launch four years ago, Smart codes has continued to make significant strides filling the gap of the growing demand for digital content in Tanzania and the African region at large. We are proud to bring Tanzania to the same plate with country’s leading in Tech in Africa which include Nigeria, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Botswana, South Africa and now Tanzania, where we are based.

With M-paper and Smart lab championing Smart codes innovation products among others, we remain passionate about impact; we want to create value that touches and improves people’s lives: opening up, growing and disrupting Africa’s services market which will certainly transform millions of lives on the continent.

A brief update:

Smart lab  continues to connect Learners & Corporates together with empowering learning institutions to create solutions that meet community needs through professional guidance and holds monthly founder to Founders gatherings and several other Accelerator programs: The M-paper platform features almost all the newspapers in Tanzania today and has championed as an archive for past newspaper issues, given access to current events for people living in the diasporas and continues to be the fastest and most convenient way to access digital news papers issues on one dais. Other products i.e Primus and Kwanza are equally progressing and we look forward to introducing more to the Public overtime.

We are elated to be part of the Tech revolution in Africa, and remain committed to developing Tech and changing the innovation Eco system within and beyond the Tanzanian boarders.

Applause to our clients, partners and supporters, not forgetting our number one pushers and go getters, the amazing team at Smart codes that have propelled us to these higher heights



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